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Committees & Working Parties

Current Committee & Working Parties List


Cllr Eddie Powell


Vice Chair      

Cllr Glenda Dean


Finance & GP Committee                       

Cllr Dean          Cllr T Sams          Cllr Stanley          Cllr Foster          Cllr Roots          RFO


Planning Committee                                 

Cllr Powell          Cllr Dean          Cllr Stanley          Cllr Moore          Cllr Roots          Cllr Day


Environmental Committee                      

Cllr Dean          Cllr Foster          Cllr Stanley          Cllr Dayes          Cllr Luck          Amenity Manager          + co-opted Sharon Amos


Highways/Transport    (inc. Church Road & Lighting)                               

Cllr T Sams          Cllr J Sams          Cllr Luck          Cllr Roots


Law & Order                                                 

Cllr Stanley          Cllr Griffiths


Youth Provisions                                        

Cllr T Sams          Cllr J Sams          Cllr Stanley          Cllr Dayes          Cllr Foster          + advisors



Cllr Stanley          Cllr Foster


Charities   (inc. Booth & Baldwin Trust)                                                    

Cllr Foster          Cllr Moore          Cllr Roots          Cllr Dayes (Booth & Baldwin)          The Rector


Village Hall Trust                                       

Cllr Griffiths          Cllr Foster          Cllr Dayes


Staffing Group                                             

Cllr Dean          Cllr J Sams          Cllr Moore



Cllr Dean          Cllr Griffiths          Cllr Foster          + co-opted