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The Councillors

Councillor Eddie Powell (Chairman)

I was elected to the parish council late October 2015. I have lived in the parish for 14 years. My previous experience in serving local communities was as a borough councillor in the ward of Harrietsham and Lenham. I have always had a passion for rural villages, Heritage sites, and the general protection of the countryside. My professional career until retirement was as CEO of a publicly listed advertising and marketing company. I still have a very active role in local politics but still enjoy leisure time with my six grandchildren. My immediate focus in my new role is to help retain Harrietshams precious village life.


Councillor Glenda Dean (Vice Chair)

I moved to Harrietsham in 2006 because of the quiet village life, rural environment and the lovely Kent countryside.  I worked in the City of London where I owned and ran a Financial Public Relations company. Acting for many successful well known publicly quoted companies these were exciting times in The City and I was honoured to be awarded The Freedom Of The City of London in 1996.  I sold my business in 2000. 
I became a Parish Councillor after joining Harrietsham Against Reckless Development. I am on the Planning, Finance & General Purpose, Communications and Environment Committees as well as being on the Employment Group.


Councillor Tom Sams

I have lived in the village nearly 50 years and attended the primary school aged 5.  With Janetta I have an involvement in our village for nearly all my life. I am proud of my family's consistent voluntary work in Harrietsham and the wider community.

I am keen to promote a village ethos that cares for each other and whose principals are based on not what you do to earn a living or what you own, but what you do and how much of yourself you give to others.


Councillor Janetta Sams

I have lived in village for over 30 years and have been involved in many aspects of the village throughout this time, particularly continuing that relationship with the school, and its special community. I am keen to promote a village whose residents welcome outsiders and who recognise that a community is as strong as its attitudes to the young and the elderly,  a village that looks to provide a service to its residents and recognises that working together is the best way to encourage others to contribute and become involved.


Councillor Jackie Moore

My career began in Retail Banking and later moved to the 'Not for Profit' sector. I hold professional qualifications in Financial/Project Management and Business Administration.  Since retiring in 2008, I have volunteered with several charities and local organisations including the Citizen's Advice Bureau.  I moved to Harrietsham just over 10 years ago and have, in that time seen, the village expand rapidly.  I take a keen interest in local planning issues and I was seconded on to the Parish Council Planning Committee in January, before being co-opted as a Councillor in June 2016.  

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, baking, motorsport and aviation, as well as holidaying in our caravan.


Councillor Frederick Stanley

I have been a resident of Harrietsham since 1984 and I am passionate about maintaining our village for future generations.  I was employed as a draftsman in petrochemicals and mechanical handling as well as contracts engineer in power station construction.  I spent 33 years in management at Beck & Pollitzer Eng. Ltd in plant installation.  Prior to that, I was involved in project works in Europe, Mexico and South Korea.  Recently I have been employed by a local school authority as an invigilator.


Councillor Victoria Foster

I moved to Harrietsham in 2010 because of the beautiful location and peaceful village. I grew up on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales where the rural community was an important part of day to day life. I am very interested in environmental and social / community issues in the changing rural landscape. I asked to be co-opted on the Parish Council in 2017 to be involved in village life.

 After starting a career in Civil engineering I joined the City in 1996. I am a Managing Director of a busy trading business


Councillor Tim Griffiths

I have lived in Harrietsham for the last 13 years. I have been Chairman of Harrietsham Primary School PTFA and stood on the Board of Governors for a while. My work involves road safety, transport, health and safety and first aid training. I have 4 children, all schooled locally, and like to play a part in the life of Harrietsham Village.


Councillor Chris Roots

I moved to Harrietsham in 1999 but didn’t really have time to get involved in village affairs until 2015 when I started working only two days a week.  I am currently Treasurer of Harrietsham in Bloom and The Friends of the Church of St. John the Baptist and set up their 100 Club to raise money for our beautiful church.  I also helped to produce the Council’s Residential Design Policy and was influential in persuading KCC to position a crossing near to the bus stop by Church Lane.  I am a Chartered Certified Accountant and for over 20 years was a Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer approved by the Financial Conduct Authority and its predecessors.


Councillor Sasha Luck

I have lived in Harrietsham for 30 years and have recently joined as a Councillor.  I am now retired after running my own business in West Malling for 40 years.  I am enjoying spending my retirement in the garden and looking after my 3 grandchildren.

Prior to joining Harrietsham Council, I was a Borough Councillor for Tonbridge and Malling for 16 years.  During this time I was very honoured to represent Tonbridge and Malling as the Mayor in 2014.

I bring to this position a wealth of experience as, when I was a  Borough Councillor, I represented the area on various committees for planning, transport and social issues. 

I love living in Harrietsham and being part of the village ethos and look forward to supporting the local community.


Cllr Roy Dayes

(To follow)